The Victor Rivera backstory is a raw personal history of growing up surrounded by the nefarious influences of his South Bronx neighborhood in the 1960’s.  
Did he succumb? Did he fall? Did he subsequently triumph?
Episode 14, Part 2 is a true story of this transformational journey as Realty Speak® shifts from talking profit to exploring the spirit of the person, the power of hope and the truth that we all have the capacity to live our best life.

UPDATE – MARCH 25th 2021
On February 7th, 2021, a little more than 2 years after this episode was published here on Realty Speak, the NY Times published an investigative report that exposed accusations of sexual abuse and financial impropriety by Victor Rivera in connection with the not for profit Bronx Parent Housing Network (BPHN). It was titled ‘Nobody Tells Daddy No’: A Housing Boss’s Many Abuse Cases by Amy Julia Harris
Victor Rivera was summarily dismissed from BPHN and several follow up articles appeared in the NY Times along with an interview with Amy Julia Harris on the NY Times podcast The Daily. Then on March 24th, 2021 the Times published the article “Housing Boss Who Was Accused of Sexual Abuse Now Faces Bribery Charges” 
When you listen to the episode from 2 years ago, it does appear that Victor navigated an amazing transformation in his life and was providing housing for the homeless.
This story would normally serve as an inspiration to others who are trying to turn their lives around. And for 2 years, I suppose it did.
Now however, you read the articles and what he has been accused of – Victor’s good story then transforms into a disappointing example of a narrative that apparently did not match his actions. If guilty, a clear and extreme violation of trust.

May this particular sequence of events serve as a reminder that success, especially when against the odds, is a gift and certainly never a reason to abandon a moral compass and then use that success to exploit others.

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