Happy 3rd Birthday Realty Speak!
Tina Larsson, who was my guest in Realty Speak Episode #1, returns as my co-host and with Matt McCue we share intel in this episode that peers into the future of energy consumption in New York City.
Not only will you learn how to save dollars, but you will also learn how to get paid dollars while doing your part to impact climate change and contribute to the campaign to mitigate the global warming that is driven by the human emissions of greenhouse gases.
And as if that were not enough, we demystify NYC Local Laws 33, 84, 87, 92 and 94.

To reach Tina:
The Folson Group
Tina Larsson, CEO, LEED Green Associate
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To Reach Matt:
CPower Energy Management
Matt McCue, Account Executive NYISO
Call or Text Matt @ 646-627-6758
Email Matt: matthew.mccue@cpowerenergymanagement.com
Connect with Matt on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-mccue-pmp-409694/

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Additional Resources from Bill:

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