This blog was originally posted March 2, 2020 and received a major update to this current version on February 25, 2021 to reflect the 2021-2022 Legislative Session for the Senate and Assembly.
It will be periodically updated as more information becomes available and was last revised on March 14th 2021.

Senate Bill S3082 and Assembly Bill A05573.
Click HERE to see the Senate Bill S3082,
Click HERE to see the Assembly Bill A05573.

Yes, that is correct. Senate Bill S2892B and the 2021/2022 reintroduced Bills Senate Bill S3082 and Assembly Bill A05573 will create permanent tenancy & mandatory lease renewals!
Not something any New York State rental property owners will find beneficial.

Opposition to these Bills is critical in order to prevent them from becoming law. 
What you need to know:
Click HERE to check out RSA’s (Rent Stabilization Association) 3 part 4 minute, YouTube explanation so you fully understand the impact of this proposed legislation..
Click HERE to read the PDF of RSA’s Memorandum in Opposition of Good Cause Eviction.
Click HERE to read a great March 3rd, 2021 article, “New York Legislation Would Prohibit Eviction Without Good Cause” by Stuart M Saft, Attorney at Law and Partner at the law firm of Holland & Knight LLP.

NOW is the time to VOICE YOUR VIEWS – before a vote in either the Assembly or Senate!
What to do next, NOW:
1 – Use this LINK to find your NY State Senator by filling in your address and zip code.
2 – Use this LINK to find your NY Assembly Member by filling in your address and zip code.
3 – Click on the Senator’s and/or the Assembly Member’s name and that will take you to their respective profile pages.
4 – On the profile pages you have all the information you need to email and/or call and/or visit your Senator AND your Assembly Member to voice your views on Senate Bill S3082 and Assembly Bill A05573 and how this will negatively impact the owners of real estate in New York State and remove the incentive to own rental property here.
5 – Share this blog with as many people as soon as possible via email, social media and word of mouth because if there is not enough opposition there is a high probability that this as law.
The more opposition – the greater the chance, we together, will interrupt state lawmakers from further restriction of the rights of property owners in NY State.

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