When you think of apartment buildings in New York City you imagine them owned by large Real Estate Corporations, Private Equity Companies and publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts. However, when you pause and look closely you will find that there is a group of dedicated families who operate legacy multifamily real estate across many celebrated communities in our big pond of a town. These individuals who represent the fabric of the diverse cultural enclaves provide much of the affordable regulated apartments and they do it with heart!
Recorded, on Juneteenth, they raised their voices and candidly shared the inequity of their contribution to housing in NYC while having to operate under a barrage of regulatory burden and a lack of social and financial recognition.
SPONY.ORG members Joanna from Soho, Jan from Chinatown and Sharon from East Flatbush are Real New Yorkers telling it like it is. Do not miss this one!

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