After a 7 month break Realty Speak is back on air with Val, Lincoln and Irving, 3 NYC property owners, who are part of the leadership of Small Property Owners of New York aka SPONY.
Val, Lincoln and Irving discuss the last 4 years and what legislative mistakes have led up to this present day intolerable rental housing crisis in NY City. More importantly they share the needed corrections to evolve from this socially dire predicament.

Important Links mentioned in episode or commercial:
NYC Local Law 152 – Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems –

The 2 NYS Legislature Bills that passed in session overtime that are not housing friendly are:
Senate Bill S2980CAssembly Bill A6216B – STATUS as per NY State Senate website – Passed Senate & Assembly.
Senate Bill S2943BAssembly Bill A4047B – STATUS as per NY State Senate website – Passed Senate & Assembly.

The NYS Assembly Bill that did not pass during the 2023-2024 Legislative Session that was supported by property owners as a good start to positive change; the Local Regulated Housing Restoration Adjustment aka LRHRA.
Assembly Bill A06772 – STATUS as per NY State Assembly website – 05/08/2023 Referred to Housing.

State Lawmakers Attempt To Quietly Pass Destructive Housing Bills, CHIP Press Release, June 9th, 2023

To reach out to your State Senator, State Assembly Member and NY City Council Member go to Who Represents Me? NYC and enter your NY City address.
The search will return a list of all your Federal, State and City elected officials.

Please call and/or email them and share your dissatisfaction with Senate Bill S2980C/Assembly Bill A6216B & Senate Bill S2943B/Assembly Bill A4047B; your support of a better version of Assembly Bill A06772.

Links to the property owner advocate organizations:
Small Property Owners of New York aka SPONY. Val, Lincoln and Irving are part of the executive leadership.

Community Housing Improvement Program aka CHIP.
CHIPS’s website that covers the issue of vacant Rent Stabilized apartments.

Rent Stabilization Association aka RSA.

Related to Constitutional Challenge to NY State Rent Laws:
CHIP and RSA Constitutional Challenge to NY State Rent Laws website.

Constitutional Accountability Center

Why rent control in NYC could become the new abortion, The NY Post by David Christopher Kaufman August 12, 2023.

The Federalist Society hosted CHIP v. NYC lead counsel Andy Pincus and discussed the U.S. Supreme Court case, Federalist Society August 9, 2023.

Supreme Court urged to step in on blue city’s ‘draconian’ rent-control laws. Fox News July 13th, 2023.

New York Rent Control: Could the End be Near? By Howard Husock, AEIdeas, July 12, 2023

The case against New York’s Rent Regulatory Regime, National Review, By: Bobby Miller, July 6, 2023

Rent/​Landlord Control Challenged in NYC. CATO DAILY PODCAST, Cato Institute, CATO DAILY PODCAST, Caleb O. Brown & Thomas A. Berry, June 19, 2023

Landlords Take NY Rent Law Appeal to US Supreme Court. Groups file petition asking top court to rule on constitutionality of 2019 law. By Jack Rogers May 10, 2023 at 06:30 AM Globest.

Guests on Episode 48:

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NYC Local Law 152 – Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems – Solution @

Property Owner and Property Manager Resource Page

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