On June 14th 2019, subsequent to the publication of this episode, NYS Senate Bill S6458 was enacted as the “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019”.
Much of what you will hear in this episode is no longer accurate and many changes, in one form or another, resulted from the passage of the new law.

On 04/02/2019, subsequent to this episode; Realty Speak® Episode 017 – Rent in THE City – More Regulation? Yup! was published. It was a discussion about the proposed changes to the NYS rent laws. Both this episode and episode 017 are great primers for a better understanding of what the rules were prior to the the new law and will be helpful information to have as you explore the new law.
To access and review the “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019” from the NYS Senate web site click here.

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In this episode Simon Moule, a 20+ year veteran of consulting on regulation and the President of STM Associates talks with Bill about the complicated laws that regulate multifamily rental property in NYC.
This is a must listen for everyone in the apartment building ownership business.
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