Join us in the pulsing heart of Times Square, Manhattan, for a special Fair Housing Month episode with Neil Garfinkel, a leading authority on fair housing and the managing partner at the law firm of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson. Neil dives deep into the essential facets of fair housing laws, highlighting their pivotal role across the real estate spectrum and offering a guide to navigating these laws for the promotion of equality and fairness in housing. Explore the significant impact of these laws on real estate professionals, tenants, and property owners. Delve into the history and gain insights from Neil’s perspective on how updates to certain systems could shape the future of fair housing.
By tuning into this concise yet thorough exploration of fair housing laws, you’ll not only expand your understanding but also grasp the severe personal, professional, and financial repercussions that can arise from a lack of knowledge. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their comprehension of this vital topic and safeguard against the potential pitfalls of non-compliance.

Neil’s Interview with Newsday February 2024
Newsday Investigative Reporting November 2019

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