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Realty Speak – The Podcast

Realty Speak has a lot to say about the many strategies you can employ around the revenue, cash flow, profit and final returns of your portfolio of investment real estate.

It’s not about us but how we help you raise the bottom line

What’s in it for you? The what, where, why and who of Realty Speak. To get the full idea of what to expect just click play. It’s only 4 minutes and will take less time than the R to Union Square.

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Episode 005 – Deferred Sales Trust – It’s an Option!

In this episode Michael Burwick, a practicing attorney with several decades of tax and securities law experience and the President of Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC talks with Bill about the Deferred Sales Trust as an alternative and/or supplement to more traditional capital gain tax deferral strategies.

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Episode 003 – Taxes Come & Taxes Go

In this episode David Gorenberg, ESQ, EVP & Counsel for Riverside 1031 and Len Berkowitz, ESQ, Managing Director of Riverside TACS share strategies that will help you keep more of the profit from investment real estate wealth and put your hard earned capital to work for you and your legacy sooner than later. Enjoy!

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