In June of 2019 the NY State Legislature passed the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA). Now 2.5 years later, while the constitutional challenge to HSTPA makes it way through the courts, there exists another attempt by the Legislature to enact a “Good Cause Eviction” Bill that will further encroach on the rights of property owners.
My Co-Host Nativ Winiarsky and guests Craig Gambardella and Jim Burling, all attorneys, and I get into the weeds about the future of these draconian laws and how they will negatively impact not just property owners but the millions of people who choose to rent instead of own.
Do you care about property rights and the quality of housing? Whether you are an owner or a renter, you’ll want to listen to this entire episode and then share it with everyone you know!

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