Margie Russell, NYARM and Anne Korchak, SPONY team up with me to chat about Good Cause Eviction; NY Senate Bill 3082/Assembly Bill A05573.
Real Estate Attorney Alexander Lycoyannis explains in detail what Good Cause Eviction is and what it is not. After listening you will clearly understand why passage of this Bill will be GOOD for nothing! You will also know how to easily voice your opposition and help ensure that the current NY Legislative session ends in June without this Bill being made law.

Important Links
Homeowners for an Affordable NY Voter Voice Tool

RSA Voter Voice

Bill’s ongoing blog about Good Cause Eviction

Links to NY Senate Bill 3082/Assembly Bill A05573
Senate Bill 3082 – Click HERE
Assembly Bill A05573 – Click HERE

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Small Property Owners of New York (SPONY)

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Alexander Lycoyannis, Partner
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